The Outfit Repeaters

Hosted ByMarisa Kanter & Sam Cheung

Two millennials. Marisa Kanter is a Lizzie McGuire superfan. Sam Cheung has never seen an episode in his life. Together, they are the Outfit Repeaters, bringing you weekly recaps of every Lizzie McGuire episode.

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Episode 18: Lizzie McGuire 118 Rated Aargh Recap

Marisa and Sam discuss Lizzie McGuire Episode 118: Rated Aargh, which first aired August 10, 2001. Together, they reminisce about simpler times when people could a.) go to the movies, b.) sit in whatever seat they wanted, and c.) pay less than $10 for a ticket. Marisa continues to refuse to watch Lord of the Rings, and Sam bids good riddance to handshakes. Plus, Marisa recaps circumstances that led her to meet a celebrity and end up on morning news.

Here’s the list of social justice resources that Marisa mentions in this episode:

In Episode 18 of The Outfit Repeaters, Marisa Kanter and Sam Cheung discuss the outfits pictured below. Episode 18 premiered Wednesday, June 17th, 2020.