The Outfit Repeaters

Hosted ByMarisa Kanter & Sam Cheung

Two millennials. Marisa Kanter is a Lizzie McGuire superfan. Sam Cheung has never seen an episode in his life. Together, they are the Outfit Repeaters, bringing you weekly recaps of every Lizzie McGuire episode.

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Episode 19: Lizzie McGuire 119 Gordo and the Girl Recap

Marisa and Sam discuss Lizzie McGuire Episode 119: Gordo and the Girl, which first aired August 17, 2001. Sam wishes very much that he lived near a Holy Rigatoni, while the list of things Marisa dislikes grows to include How the Grinch Stole Christmas and basically anything orange. Plus, Sam and Marisa learn all about voice actor Carlos Alazraqui, who steals the episode as the host at Holy Rigatoni.

This episode we are supporting The Okra Project, an organization that seeks to address the global crisis faced by the Black Trans community. You can find more information at

In Episode 19 of The Outfit Repeaters, Marisa Kanter and Sam Cheung discuss the outfits pictured below. Episode 19 premiered Tuesday, June 23rd, 2020.