The Outfit Repeaters

Hosted ByMarisa Kanter & Sam Cheung

Two millennials. Marisa Kanter is a Lizzie McGuire superfan. Sam Cheung has never seen an episode in his life. Together, they are the Outfit Repeaters, bringing you weekly recaps of every Lizzie McGuire episode.

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Episode 30: Lizzie McGuire 130 Gordo’s Video Recap

Marisa and Sam discuss Lizzie McGuire Episode 130: Gordo’s Video, which first aired January 1, 2002. Season 1 is really crawling to the finish, but at least Marisa and Sam have unearthed a Miranda/Gordo/Larry love triangle. Maybe that can make up for how creepy Gordo is in this episode? Plus, Marisa learns about David Blaine’s most recent feat.

Outfits mentioned in Episode 30 to come. Episode 30 premiered Tuesday, September 8th, 2020.