The Outfit Repeaters

Hosted ByMarisa Kanter & Sam Cheung

Two millennials. Marisa Kanter is a Lizzie McGuire superfan. Sam Cheung has never seen an episode in his life. Together, they are the Outfit Repeaters, bringing you weekly recaps of every Lizzie McGuire episode.

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Episode 32: When Do We Eat (2005 Film Starring Adam Lamberg) Recap

Marisa and Sam discuss the 2005 Salvador Litvak film When Do We Eat?, which they found on Adam Lamberg’s IMDb page. Together, they dive into a wild film with a stellar cast including Michael Lerner, Jack Klugman, Ben Feldman, Max Greenfield, Adam Lamberg, Shiri Appleby, and Victoria Justice. And yes, there is a very high chance this just turns into a Ben Feldman appreciation podcast, and they are 100% okay with that.

Outfits mentioned in Episode 32 to come. Episode 32 premiered Tuesday, September 22nd, 2020.