Crowning Around

Hosted BySam Cheung, Carlyn Greenwald, & Ivan Vukovic

Sam Cheung, Carlyn Greenwald, and Ivan Vukovic are three American peasants who know nothing of royal life, but through weekly recaps of the critically acclaimed Netflix series The Crown maybe, just maybe, they might pick up a thing or two. It also bears mentioning that these plebs have no intention of digging any deeper into the history of the monarchy than what The Crown portrays, so no spoilers or fact checking please.

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Episode 1: The Crown Season 1, Episode 1 Wolferton Splash Recap

Sam Cheung, Ivan Vukovic, and Carylyn Greenwald, three regular everyday Americans sit down to talk about The Crown Season 1, Episode 1: Wolferton Splash. Together, they ask the hard questions, for example why do the writers hate Philip? Why did they show us an orderly wrapping Bertie’s black lung in some newspaper? And why does Winston Churchill make eating soup so uncomfortable? Plus, the first ever Kinky Crown Award is bequeathed. All that and more on Crowning Around.

Episode 1 premiered Thursday, January 14th, 2021.